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15 images submitted to the Royal Photographic Society on 10th May 2017 that earned the Associate (ARPS) distinction, the second of 3 achievable with the RPS. The images have to match at "Statement of Intent":
"The preservation of our steam railway heritage is a passion that I share with many. Unlike many modern technologies, steam trains can assault all of our senses simultaneously: sight, sound, smell and taste. The sight of steam in the landscape has an undeniable beauty. In the pursuit of this passion I have had a series of pictorial stories published in a number of high quality journals.
In my panel I wanted to show a series of images that interpret this passion. I wanted to show why the passion is held through images of the magnificent engineering, both static and in motion in the landscape and I wanted to show the passion in the people involved; the volunteers working to keep this heritage alive and those that simply follow it. From the engineering yard through to front-of-house enthusiasts on station platforms and restored railway lines, I hope the scenes I have captured evoke this enduring fascination for the by-gone years of steam."

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